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Cool Satchel

Everyone needs a bag.  In fact, everyone needs a satchel!  We’ve sought out some beautiful hand-made satchels that are stylish, practical and colourful.  

Back to School Time!

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What sort of satchel?

Your satchel expresses who you are.  Like your phone or your throw-on jacket, the bag you grab as you run out of the door is part of who you are!  It’s the place you keep your keys, your purse, your life.  Make it a nice one.

Simple Satchels

Simple, stylish, colourful, durable, endlessly useful, for students and practical people satchels are the bag of choice.

Fancy Satchels

The epitome of the Art of the Bag.  Your life is in your handbag.  Sometimes it needs to raise its game to keep up with you.

Leather or not?…

Satchels don’t have to be leather any more. Modern materials mean your satchel can be plant-based and still durable, practical and classy.  Choose from our range of 

Canvas Tote 

35% off

A tough canvas bag with faux leather straps to carry your junk. Internal waterproof lining so the canvas look isn’t as impractival as it might seem!

Featured Products

This month we are featuring Palestinian craftsmanship in  leather and beautiful stitching; remarkable vegetable-based leathers that are as durable and good looking as the real thing;  and a crafts based satchel maker in Cornwall who produces unique practical back-to-school bags for primary pupils.

Made In Palestine

Made by women in a craft collective in Hebron, these bags are works of art lovingly hand made with traditional craftsmanship. 

Flax Based Leather

For those who need the durability and looks of real leather but without using animal based products, there are now many substitute materials that make their own strong statement.

Back to School

Start the year the way you mean to continue!  There is something very hopeful, forward looking and exciting about a new bag to go with the new scholastic year. 

Express your personality!

Custom Bags

Because you have your own colour ideas, or design.  Because you want your own name or insignia on your bag.  Because your school-age child needs to be able to find their own distinctive satchel  from the pile in the sports ground.  Because there is nobody quite like you.

Tell us more and we’ll get you a suggestion from one of our artisan satchel makers.

Back to School

A new school year deserves a new bag.  That bag is going to work hard.  Our school satchel ranges are up to the job.

“I hadn’t realised just how long I had been using my Cool Satchels bag until my friend mentioned how it never seemed to look any older…  Two years and still good as new!  I love my bag and wouldn’t go out of the door without it.”

Jilly Stevens

Second year Student

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

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